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Join our FREE Info Session to learn more about our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training from our Lead Trainers: Sean, Jen and Daphne. 

In this 1-hour session you will learn about our comprehensive curriculum, traveling to and from Panama, the resort where it will all take place and get a little sample asana lab or yoga philosophy lesson!

Details: Sunday December 10th from 5-6pm at Vibe Ten Studio

vibe ten studio yoga school 

with Sean Alexandra, Jennifer Liu & Daphne Bourbonnais

Join Sean, Jen and Daphne, at Sansara Resort in Cambutal, Panama
Sept 29-Oct 13, 2024

A transformative yoga teacher training centered on connectivity, openness,
and self-discovery.

Embark on a transformative 16-day yoga teacher training journey with Lead Trainers Sean Alexandra, Jennifer Liu and Assistant Trainer Daphne Bourbonnais, as you immerse yourself in the tropics of Cambutal. Together, they will lead you through daily yoga sessions, breathwork, engaging lectures, and immersive workshops. This experience will empower you, deepen your connection with your inner voice, and instill confidence in your capacity to share and teach the foundational principles and techniques of yoga.

200 hour yoga teacher training
200 hour yoga teacher training

what to expect

With almost 20 years of combined teaching experience, Sean, Jen & Daphne have curated a YTT like no other. Over the last two years, we have meticulously crafted an unparalleled experience designed to help individuals not only enhance their yoga practice but also make profound life transformations. Our program offers a unique approach to the typical 200hr teacher training in that we dive deep into various aspects, including movement, mindfulness, community support, self-expression, all while maintaining a trauma-informed lens. 

Your YTT journey unfolds amidst the enchanting beauty of Cambutal, Panama's jungle, within a family-operated retreat centre where you will feel safe to come home to yourself and your practice.  

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lead trainers 200 yoga teacher training

meet your ytt faculty

Sean Alexandra is a mother, wife, and a loyal Gilmore Girls fan. She is a gentle and nurturing yoga teacher who has been sharing her passion for yoga with others since 2018. With a profound sensitivity to the needs of her students, Sean creates a safe and calming space where individuals can embark on their yoga journey.

Her classes are a reflection of her tranquil nature, allowing students to explore the depths of their practice at their own pace.

With years of experience under her belt, Sean has honed her teaching style to be inclusive and welcoming to all, regardless of their experience level. She believes in the healing power of yoga and is dedicated to helping her students find balance, both physically and mentally.

Jennifer Liu is a dog mom first to her pup Fiji. After that, she is an energetic yoga teacher and entrepreneur at heart having . She has a profound commitment to personal growth, community building, and continuous learning. She is the visionary founder of Vibe Ten Studio, a super chill and welcoming space where that is not just about the physical practice, but a way to connect with others on a deeper level. 

With a journey in teaching that began in 2017, Jennifer has since poured her heart and soul into sharing yoga with her students. Her dedication to lifelong learning shines through in her classes, as she consistently seeks to deepen her own practice and bring fresh, inspiring knowledge to her students.

Hailing from Rimouski, Quebec, Daphne Bourbonnais is a classically trained professional violinist playing for Ontario Philarmonic, Sinfonia Toronto, and Orchestra Symphonique de l'Estuaire. Oh and she loves samosas. She is a remarkably creative and spiritually attuned yoga teacher who brings a unique and harmonious blend of musical brilliance and deep philosophical insight to her practice. Daphne's journey as a yoga teacher is a celebration of the fusion of art, music, and spirituality. Her creativity knows no bounds. Her classes are a canvas where she weaves a tapestry of yoga postures, breath, and mindfulness into a symphony of self-expression.  

Daphne's unique approach to yoga invites her students to explore the profound connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Her classes are a gateway to inner peace, self-awareness, and spiritual awakening.

200 hour yoga teacher training
200 hour yoga teacher training

your investment


ACCOMMODATIONS: NOW starting from $1999 USD (prev. pricing started at $2499) INSTANT savings of $500!

A $700 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot for training and is due 48 hours after acceptance. 

200 hour yoga teacher training
200 hour yoga teacher training

the location


Experience the magic of Cambutal, Panama, with us at the serene Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort. Nestled on the beachfront, Sansara offers an intimate and luxurious setting, specializing in top-tier yoga retreats, invigorating surf sessions, and exhilarating adventures.

This resort is more than just a destination; it's a divine refuge that we are eager to share with you. It's where we escape to the embrace of nature, the allure of the jungle, and the tranquility of the beach. Located at the southernmost point of Panama on the Azuero Peninsula, Cambutal is a charming and secure village in the province of Los Santos. It's just a scenic five-hour journey from Panama City, the capital of Panama. Join us in this idyllic corner of the world for an unforgettable experience.

why study abroad?

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