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All studios are heated to 26-32 degrees using state-of-the-art infrared technology, which helps create a detoxifying sweat that stimulates blood circulation and increases flexibility. All classes are layered with curated playlists of tracks from various artists and genres. We use the music to drive the breath and motivate the movement. We practice in a dark, candlelit room with no mirrors to encourage an inward focus that centers around your individual practice.



Open to all levels, Own Your Flow Vinyasa is designed to help level up your yoga practice. Through verbal cuing, your instructor will guide you through three vinyasa sequences, each repeated for three rounds. The first round will break down the alignment in each posture. The second round, adds a little spice and speeds things up to link one-breath to one-movement. Finally, on the third and spiciest round, you will have the opportunity to "own your flow" and move through that sequence on your own. This is where the sequence becomes yours. Add in challenges, try modifications, or take out anything that doesn't serve you.

Conquer The Heat. Conquer The Flow.



Slow Burn vinyasa format is open to all levels, however is recommended for anyone looking to focus on the foundation, structure and alignment of each posture. This practice will have you focus on engaging your core muscles so that you may go deeper into the poses, gearing up the mind and body for a peak posture. Slow Burn is a fully-guided class led by verbal cues and omits the Own Your Flow portion of class.

Come Prepared To Sweat.



What happens when Yoga & Pilates have a baby. This class is a balance between core strengthening and juicy flows. 

Open to all levels. This Is The Remix is a fully guided class, designed to target your core and build total body strength while maintaining length in the muscles and increase joint mobility. Through verbal cuing, your instructor will guide you through a series of three sequences. The first sequence is focused on yoga foundations, alignment and flowing. Sequence two is all about the pilates. And the last sequence is the Remix, blending both yoga flow with pilates work. 


Let's Get Strong.



A hybrid class that blends our slow burn structure with a yin inspired stretch to end the class. Slow Burn is a vinyasa based flow where the Instructor will guide you through three sequences. Each sequence is repeated for two rounds. The first round is all about building strong foundations and alignment, while the second round aims to connect breath with movement. The yin portion of class allows the body to settle into deeper stretches after already having warmed up. This class is the perfect combination of challenging and calming. It's excellent way to end your day. 

Get Aligned.



Open to all levels. Hatha yoga will involve a set of postures and breathing techniques. These are practiced slower and with more static posture holds than a Vinyasa flow. This class provides a balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment. Best suitable for beginners or anyone looking for a gentler flow.

Move with intention.



Sippin' on some Yin & Juice. Unwind and fall deeply into postures through breath and longer holds. Target the joints and improve range of motion as well as flexibility. Yin yoga is an excellent compliment to our "Yang" style classes such as Own Your Flow or Slow Burn, as it invites in juicy, calming energies to promote muscle tension release and deeper relaxation. Highly recommended to build a well rounded yoga practice.


Breathe. Relax. Deepen.



Open to all levels, this 45min Sound Bath & Meditation will have you immerse yourself into absolute zen and relaxation.  A guided meditation is offered to help draw your focus to where it is needed. Surrender and melt away as the soft sounds wrap around you creating a safe and deep space to go inward.


Focus. Connect. Still. 



Triple Threat is a non-yoga fitness class that focuses on building strength, stamina and endurance through body weight exercises, blocks and resistance bands. 

Expect to perform isometric movements, connect body and breath, and be challenged to a whole new level. 


Power. Endurance. Energize.



"Just Breathe" is our Active Breath practice. This is not a yoga or movement class. Our Breathwork class consists of using a 3-part breath known as Active Breathing, Transformational Breathwork or Holotropic Breathwork. 

Participants can expect changes in their mental realms, physical bodies, and emotional states during this class through the conscious control and manipulation of their breath.

Together, in a safe space, you can look forward to the release of trauma stuck in the body, increased energy, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Breathe. Discover. Transform.



Everything we do is either building us up or breaking us down. This becomes a lot more apparent with decades of ingrained patterns and habits. Foundation Training is a unique

combination of prehab and rehab, meaning it both prevents and helps treat pain and injuries. A slow and mindful, yet challenging class, Foundation Training works with all bodies to move without pain and take control of your health with exercises that can be done without any equipment and that directly apply to your daily life.

Build. Strengthen. Prevent. 

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