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Alternative Therapy


There is a non-physical omnipresent energy that gives life to every living organism. For thousands of years, we have known of this energy and have sought to develop ways to harness its power to heal and enhance our lives.


Known by many names in cultures throughout the world: Qi, Prana, Reiki, Orgone, Universal Life Force, Zero Point, Aether, etc…. all speak of the same fundamental energy that permeates all living beings, the animating force of life itself.

Reiki (pronounced RAY KEY) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances.

A Reiki practitioner serves as a vessel that transmutes healing energies where they are most needed to the receiver. Universal Life Force energy flows from the palms of the practitioners and enters into the energetic body of the receiver clearing blockages, activating and aligning chakras.

By working directly on this subtle level, we can move stagnation and blocks to the flow of life through us and discover more of the joy and open-heartedness that is our birthright.

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Stress reduction and nervous system maintenance

Emotional and physical wellness

Subtle removal of energetic blockages

Spiritual connection and reactivation

Clarity and grounding

Our Reiki Practitioner

Daniella Q

A certified Level 2 Reiki healer, Daniella specializes in balancing the body's energy, healing emotional traumas, physical pain and illnesses, repairing and cleansing your aura, and releasing chakra blocks. 

Session Info: 

30min - $60 | 45min - $90 |60min - $120

Vibe Ten Clients receive 10% off first session.

To book email: or call 416-432-8986

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