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Our policies exist to help create a fair experience for everyone and to demonstrate our respect to our clients and staff.

 Terms & Conditions please read individual contract terms for more details

  • All memberships auto-renew monthly.  Withdrawals are made to your card on file, starting on the date of purchase. 

  • Memberships can be cancelled at any time after the first month.

  • Memberships are not transferable.

  • In the event a default payment occurs, there will be a $25 fee applied after 72 hours if not reconciled. 

  • Memberships and payment schedules will automatically renew every 12 months. 

Putting Your Membership On Hold

  • Holds may requested for up to 2-week periods, 4 times a year. 

  • Holds are meant to accommodate injuries, sickness, or vacations where a regular practice is not possible. 

  • To place your membership on hold, written request via email must be sent to Please include the start and end date of your requested hold period. Our management team will reply to you within 3 business days with approval or request for more information. 

  • Holds are not guaranteed. 

  • If holds are required beyond a total of 8 weeks, a $25/monthly fee will be charged to maintain current pricing as the studio reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

Cancelling Your Membership

  • To cancel your membership, written notice via email must be given 30-days prior to your next automatic payment date. 

  • If cancellation request occurs within 30-days to your next automatic payment date, Vibe Ten Studio will take one final membership payment and membership privileges will continue for the duration of that additional charge. 

  • To cancel your membership, email

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