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We are a diverse team from all walks of life. We welcome all because we are all. 


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Jennifer Liu - Studio Owner and Sleep Lover

"It's been a long time dream of mine to open a place where people can explore and discover yoga, and I am filled with absolute gratitude to have been able to create this cute vibey studio. 

It's not like any other studio in Toronto. Aside from our hot, candlelit, and music hyped classes, our studio is affordable. It's INCREDIBLY important to me that as we embark on our yoga studio journey, that we maintain a price point that is accessible. Too often, yoga is passed on simply because it's too expensive. That doesn't sit right with me, and so it's part of my mission to provide a space that addresses that."


Sean A - Instructor

Lover of belly dancing and yoga! I am a fun loving, bold, and bright energy that will guide you through powerful classes. 


Daphne B - Instructor

Studying the violin for over 20 years, the pressure and competition revolving around classical music quickly took over in my day-to-day life. With the support from my violin teacher, I was directed to yoga as a way to reconnect with the « Whole ». I find a safe place on my mat, away from judgment.

While obtaining my 250hr YTT, I consider myself lucky to be able to draw inspiration from what I have learned through the studying and performing of musical masterpieces, connecting both of my worlds. 


Danielle D - Instructor

I am an E-RYT 500, certified in Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Advanced Pranayama, and Trauma-Informed Movement. I am most interested in demystifying yoga and making it accessible and non-intimidating for everyone. Come prepared to listen to your body, move with intention, and honour the practice that already exists inside you. 

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Lisa M - Instructor

I am a Registered Yoga and Meditation Instructor, as well as 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shokan Karate. I started training in Martial Arts at 11 years old and fell in love with the strength of my body. My journey in yoga began while in high school, and quickly became a safe place to return and be creative. If I'm not at the studio, you can find me on a walk with a matcha in hand! 


Andriana C - Instructor

My favourite thing to teach is yin because I love helping folks feel relaxed and grounded in the present moment! In 2020, I created Black Yoga Society from my personal struggle to find teachers in the GTA who looked like me. I became a teacher myself to help break those barriers so others can "see themselves" at the front of the classroom.


Ananda R - Instructor

I'm a seeker travelling the Yoga path, constantly changing, adapting and evolving.  

Simple but still challenging poses, active meditation and a glimpse of Traditional Yoga Music.


Tina S - Instructor

I have been exploring my own personal yoga practise for over 10yrs, practising at several gyms and studios throughout the GTA. In the last year and a half I became a certified 200HR yoga teacher through Awakening Yoga Academy.  I believe that yoga can be beneficial in many ways, and I want to be able to help others feel confident and strong while growing in their personal practise. I love to teach purposeful and challenging creative classes that incorporate breathwork and classical yoga asana to increase flexibility, strength, and mental focus. 


Jamie S - Instructor

I'm a 500-hour RYT, professional dancer, avid reader and animal lover!
I write a blog on topics of health, self-help, travel and yoga as my goal
is to help improve the quality of life.
I'm obsessed with Yoga because it's given me the space to grow,
gain strength and flexibility and step into my confidence! My big 3 are
Virgo Sun, Capricorn Rising and Sagittarius Moon.


Naomi M - Instructor

I am a 500hr RYT, Pranayama, Meditation and Reiki practitioner. Yoga became a safe space to recover mentally, and physically, and to find community. I decided to make it a focus of mine to instruct yoga and create that safe space for others when they need it most as well. My classes can be physically demanding, but I try to lead a progressive practice that helps settle the mind, release tension, strengthen the body and give everyone time away from their busy lives.


Suzanne B - Instructor

Growing up playing competitive soccer made me fall in love with movement and health. As I
transitioned into the yoga world, I found so much inspiration, depth, and groundedness to
embody my truth and shine authentically. In my yoga classes, I value uniqueness and celebrate
differences. I encourage everyone to show up exactly as they are. When I am not on my mat,
you can find me in nature or listening to my favourite 2000s r&b music playlist.

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