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Toronto's Most Affordable Yoga Studio 

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vibe ten x lululemon
community classes

FREE classes on Sundays!

In the spirit of coming together and celebrating our community, join us for a complimentary flow on Sundays beginning July. There are 2 opportunities to get your sweat on. 

10:30am Hatha In Here
12:00pm Own Your Flow

Members and non-members welcomed.
*You do not need to have a membership to attend, however registrants must create a profile to sign up.  

In collaboration with lululemon
To sign up or view our full class schedule, click here



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Vibe On Ten

Vibe Ten Studio is hot & sweaty, music driven, candlelit yoga. Our yoga studio is heated to 26-32 degrees using state-of-the-art infrared technology, which helps create a detoxifying sweat that stimulates blood circulation and increases flexibility. Classes move to the tempo of the music as a means to drive and connect with the breath. We practice in a dark, candlelit room with no mirrors to encourage you to turn your focus inward and explore your individual practice. It is a space for everybody and every body. Together we conquer the heat, and conquer the flow. Together we vibe at our highest vibrations, give max effort to reap the max reward. Together, we vibe on ten.

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Energy Exchange

At Vibe Ten we care a lot about making yoga accessible and are proud to offer an energy exchange program to those who can offer their working services in exchange for yoga classes and to be a part of a team like no other. 

Our program is for those who can carve out a 3.5 hour time block out of their week and help with day-to-day studio operations such as front desk reception, cleaning and sanitizing studio, and receiving and helping guests. 

Interested candidates must attend at last 5 classes before applying.  Please send us an email at sharing how this program can influence and affect your life. 

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Join The Vibe Ten Team

Currently, we are looking for Registered Massage Therapists. We have a unique space that is transformable and can serve as an excellent atmosphere for massage therapy. If you are an RMT and are looking for an opportunity to run your practice in a place that is both vibrant and zen, alongside a company that is welcoming and caring, please get in touch with us at