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“Sean's warmth and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere were even more palpable. Her expertise in yoga was matched only by her ability to make each student feel seen, heard, and supported. 


Sean is a true master in the art of yoga. Her deep understanding of the practice, combined with her unwavering dedication creates an exceptional learning environment. What sets Sean apart is her commitment to, and love for the practice. Her dedication and passion for yoga shine through in every class. Her ability to foster a sense of inclusive community and belonging within her classes is truly remarkable. Her classes always provide a warm, welcoming and safe atmosphere where students of all levels can thrive.


What further distinguishes Sean is her deep knowledge and appreciation of the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. This holistic approach to yoga has truly brought about a profound shift in my life, not just in terms of increased strength and flexibility but also in achieving mental clarity and a sense of inner peace. I wholeheartedly, 10/10 recommend Sean to anyone seeking an extraordinary yoga teacher. Her teachings have been a source of transformation, inspiration, empowerment, and personal growth.”

- Ella B.

"I am forever grateful to have Jen as one of my mentors. She is the most supportive guide anyone could ever ask for. She treats all with compassion and respect, and the amazing community she has built around her is a result of that. I have learned so much throughout my training (and continue to keep learning) and if there is ever a time where I feel stuck or need assistance, I know I can count on Jen and the Vibe Ten community for their continued support. You will meet and connect with some of the best people here at Vibe Ten. " 

"Daphne is an amazing teacher. I have attended some of her workshops and I can’t wait to take even more! Not only is she super talented and great at what she does, she is also the most patient and encouraging with all her students. She could be teaching you some pretty advanced yoga poses and concepts, but you will never feel like you can’t do it. Daphne welcomes students of all levels and you can always count on her for support throughout your journey. " 
- Justine D.

After completing my YTT in August of 2023, I found the transitional period between graduating and teaching a very challenging path to navigate. I’m fortunate to have found the volunteering energy exchange program at VibeTen Studios to assist in practically applying my learnings in a studio classroom environment. I found each community member to be incredibly insightful and helpful when it came to my questions and best practices in a real teaching setting. Jen provided introductions to staff members and welcomed me into the community with open arms.


Working with Daphne was fantastic! She provided insightful tips around intuitive sequencing and verbal cueing that allowed make strides with the information learned in my teacher training and how to best apply it to a studio class format. Her experience of having a similar learning curve after graduating from her YTT program and years teaching at Vibe Ten allowed her to effectively point out areas of improvement and how to best approach them. It's a pretty amazing opportunity to learn from one of your favorite class teachers!


Jennifer was an incredible value prior to and post graduating from my YTT yoga teacher training. There’s no doubt she’s a natural-born leader, yoga teacher, and unique mentor for all her staff members. Her ability to quickly distinguish my learning style and provide tactical tips around how to best improve allowed me to prepare and return to each session better than the last. Incredibly useful feedback is given at every stage of the training, providing you with a list of things to work on to help build the necessary muscles in order to confidently lead a yoga class. Without Jen’s expertise and knowledge, it would have taken me much longer to embark on the yoga teaching world. Based on the post-training alone, I can only imagine how incredible the curriculum and teachings for her YTT training will be.
- Caroline K.

"Jen is an incredible instructor. She led me through a training workshop before I started teaching yoga and she was patient, kind, and had a wealth of knowledge to share with me. She helped me with everything from my voice and cuing, to sequencing, to alignment in the postures. Jen has a deep understanding of the yoga practice and can help instructors convey both its emotional and physical benefits. Jen helped me to fall in love with yoga even more and gave me the confidence to teach my first classes!

Daphne has a beautiful yoga practice and translates that so well into guiding instructors. Daphne led me through a training workshop where we dove deep into cueing, transitions, and sequencing. She helped me modify sequences so that transitions would be smoother and helped me to understand how to build out a yoga class. She is incredibly patient and encouraging. She attended my first yoga class and gave me helpful feedback that boosted my confidence and improved my teaching skills in my next classes."

- Lauren O.

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