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Vibe Ten's 4-week mentorship program is designed to support you by offering new tools to explore your teaching voice and strengthen your style of yoga teaching. This program is designed for

certified teacher training graduates who are eager to develop, uncover or freshen up their own style of teaching. Throughout this program, we will create an environment that is empowering, inclusive and committed to self-growth, connection and community among fellow yoga teachers. Whether you just graduated from your 200-Hour Teacher Training or are looking to re-enter the industry, this program meets you exactly where you are. Our mentorship program serves as a bridge between a YTT program and teaching inspiring classes. 

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will be asked to step outside of your comfort zone, and encouraged to release from self-limiting beliefs surrounding teaching yoga. You will be part of a supportive and inclusive cohort mentored by diverse instructors who will guide you through a thoughtfully designed program that aims to develop your unique and individual teaching style. Our program will provide you with the tools and confidence to create meaningful, authentic, and impactful classes. This course includes weekly teaching and feedback, virtual lectures, in-person labs, and an opportunity to teach a public community class.  

Lead Mentors: Lisa Marino and Daphne Bourbonnais

Supporting Mentors: Jennifer Liu




  • Four weeks of immersive practice teaching and receiving both 1:1 and group feedback


  • Participate weekly in our internal online discussion group. Connect with fellow teachers, share ideas, ask questions, build relationships and community


  • Five Tuesday Teacher Virtual Lectures with a unique emphasis and intention that will be integrated into your weekly practice


  • Learn briefly about the business of yoga and how to stand out by making a strong impression when auditioning for a yoga studio


  • Work towards uncovering any internal roadblocks and discover your authenticity as a teacher, and develop a teaching style that is true to you 


  • Find your "why" and enjoy the moments of discovery and growth that will be sure to take place as you deepen your connection to your Self as a yoga teacher

Program includes 15% off all Vibe Ten merch 


August 2nd - August 28th
Meets two days each week on:
In-person Lab - Sundays @ 1:30pm - 4pm EST
Virtual Lectures - Tuesdays @ 6pm - 8pm EST
Saturdays + Sundays for Community Classes

*virtual lectures are hosted via Zoom and are recorded. Any missed live lectures can be watched at a later time.


Explore the power of wording and vocabulary. Uncover your dynamic voice and finesse how to use it as a tool to connect with your students. 

Examine a variety of ways to format a class and discover how to create sequences that are aligned with your style. 

Delve into what makes you original and learn how to apply your uniqueness to make your offerings stand out.

Determine who is your archetype and what is your niche within the yoga industry. Learn tools to build a strong client base and/or business.


Practice Teaching + Feedback
Take what you learn from lectures and apply the knowledge in labs. Explore, play, and get messy with the process of practicing and receive in depth personalized feedback that will help accelerate your growth. Throughout the program you will gain tools to successfully plan, promote, and guide a final community class that is open to the public. 


200-Hour Teacher Training certification from any program.

Our mentorship program is designed to meet you where you are and serves as a bridge between a YTT program and teaching inspiring and impactful classes.


Total Tuition: $1250 +hst



daphne bio pic
Daphne Bourbonnais 

Studying the violin for over 20 years, the pressure and competition revolving around classical music quickly took over in Daphne's day-to-day life. With the support from her violin teacher, she was directed to yoga as a way to reconnect with the « Whole ». Daphne finds a safe place on her mat, away from judgment.

While obtaining her 250hr YTT, she considers herself lucky to be able to draw inspiration from what she has learned through the studying and performing of musical masterpieces, connecting both of her beloved worlds. 

lisa bio pic
Lisa Marino 

Yoga found Lisa while in high school, as a form of physical activity. After falling in love with the physical practice, yoga quickly became a safe place, allowing her to be more present with her breath and body. With a background in martial arts, Lisa has always loved movement, feeling strong and empowered. Yoga gave her the space to find discipline in a new way. Lisa was certified as a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher teaching in the Greater Toronto Area. She became a 100-Hour Meditation Teacher and took an interest in trauma-informed yoga. As a primary school teacher, Lisa has experience guiding others through challenges and seeing them achieve their goals. She brings her fiery energy to this program in the hope of inspiring and preparing you to bring your unique style into your offerings.
jen bio pic
Jennifer Liu

Jennifer is a Toronto Native and lover of sleep, dogs, and all things that elevate the mind. As the founder of Vibe Ten Studio, she is deeply committed to supporting her community as a Yoga guide and mentor. Jennifer takes tremendous pride in creating non-traditional yoga spaces to practice and explore the gifts yoga has to offer. She is especially passionate about making yoga accessible to underrepresented communities and tries to do her best to pay what yoga has brought to her life, forward. 
Jennifer obtained her YTT certification in 2017 and has dedicated her studio to being a place that facilitates growth, kindness, and compassion. Through this mentorship program, it is Jennifer's intention to equip other teachers with information and inspiration that will help prepare them to carve out their spot, shoot their shot, and make a mark in the industry with their authenticity and uniqueness.

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